PUC SPEL Online is a web-based English language tutoring system developed by PUC.

What is PUC SPEL Online?

The SPEL Online courses provide a convenient and flexible option for students who have time constraint and would like to practice their English independently outside of their face-to-face classes. It allows you to acquire English in natural and fun ways through a continuous blend of activities and practices. You can access the online courses from your own computer or smart phone with an internet connection and at any time you are available.

Speech recognition system

If you would like to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills, the PUC SPEL Online program is the right fit for you. You can practice pronouncing words and sentences, and the online system can verify if the pronunciation is correct or not and even give the percentage of correction.

Want to know your English level?

Students are required to take an online placement test in order to determine their English levels. The 45-min placement test assesses students’ vocabulary, grammar, listening, and reading skills. The test will place students in 6 levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, and Advanced. Students can take the test from anywhere with a computer or smart phone having internet access.

See the demo

Just to get to see what is coming, highlighting the system interface and some practicing activities.

See What Our Students Are Saying?

They are working in many industries in Cambodia: banking, law, accounting, consulting, and education

"PUC SPEL Online courses are specially designed for professionals with busy work schedule who wish to enhance their skills. "

"At the end of the course, students will take an online achievement test before they can move on to the next level. "

Our Courses

The courses are designed by PUC SPEL Online team with the support from native speakers, divided into six levels with additional courses in specific industry.

School and Education

Learning outcomes:

-Identify school supplies and classroom objects and furniture
-Ask and answer questions using present simple
-Write sentences using conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘but’


Learning outcomes:

-Use singular and plural nouns
-Ask and answer yes/no questions about age, numbers, and currency.


Learning outcomes:

-Identify times 
-Ask and answer questions about time.


Learning outcomes:

-Identify different places in a city
-Give directions
-Use prepositions of place

Around the world

Learning outcomes:

-Identify countries and nationalities
-Ask and answer questions about countries and nationalities.
-Use the preposition ‘from’ for country of origin.


Learning outcomes:

-Identify clothing items and their colors
-Ask questions using ‘what’ and ‘which’
-Use articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ appropriately